Council-Approved General Plan

Town Council unanimously approved the Make it Chino! 2040 General Plan on June 27. The approved Plan can be downloaded by clicking the image below. A separate executive summary is also available for download.

Residents will vote to adopt the final plan in November.

General Plan

Executive Summary


Thank you for visiting the Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan website! Your interest and participation in this important endeavor is critical to its success. Chino Valley is in the process of updating the Town’s General Plan. This effort will be comprehensive and inclusive, striving to consider the perspective of every citizen.

General Plan Public Hearings

Public hearings for the General Plan have been completed.

What is a General Plan?

The General Plan is a community’s long-range vision for the next 20+ years. It is designed to serve as the jurisdiction’s blueprint for future development, informing future social, economic, and physical development decisions. The plan includes the community vision, goals, and policies, with maps and an implementation plan.

The Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan will address the following core elements:

Land Use


Economic Development

Public Facilities and Services

Natural Resources

A general plan is NOT:

  • A Zoning Map
  • A Tool to Promote Special Interests
  • A Detailed Policy for Specific Properties or Areas
  • A Capital Improvement Program

Why is the General Plan Being Updated?

Arizona Revised Statues (§ 9-461.05-06) mandates that each city and town adopt a general plan, to be updated every ten years to ensure its consistency with the evolution of the community. The Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan is an update to the Town’s 2014 General Plan and will serve as the required statutory update.

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