Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general plan?

A general plan is a document intended to guide the growth and development of a community over an established timeline, typically 10-20 years. The plan is meant to be long-term, comprehensive, general, and supported by a vision statement to guide the desired future qualities of the community and the goals and policies that will guide growth. Chino Valley’s existing General Plan was adopted in 2014.

Why is the general plan being updated?

Arizona law ARS 9-461.05-06 requires general plans be updated every 10 years to accurately reflect community changes.

What is Chino Valley’s plan for the future?

The Make it Chino! General Plan outlines the way the Town will progress over the next ten to twenty years. The plan serves as a long-range planning and policy document and includes a vision statement, along with maps, goals, policies, and implementation actions. As required by state law, the plan contains elements that identify areas appropriate for residential, industrial, and commercial uses; areas to reserve for parks, recreation, and open space; the location of new roads and trails; a summary of water resources; and actions for achieving preservation and conservation goals.

Throughout the process, the Town of Chino Valley will seek to create a general plan that prioritizes public input, tackles locally specific issues, and supports our unique community.

How will the plan be used?

Make it Chino! General Plan establishes a road map for growth and development and sets the policy foundation that all other future development plans and documents will be based on. As such, the plan is meant to be used for a variety of reasons and by multiple users. For instance, the Town Council will use this plan to define policy and prioritize funding and budgetary decisions. The plan will also be used by Town staff to guide building and development, and to make recommendations on projects and programs. The General Plan may also be used by residents, neighborhood groups, businesses, and other stakeholders to understand the Town’s long-range goals.

What is the Town’s Vision and why is that important?

The Town’s vision statement will be included in the General Plan and will include components of the hundreds of individual comments received from public participants (click here to provide your input!). The vision statement will solidify the stated values and principles that make Chino Valley unique. The vision statement is currently under development. Stay tuned!

Will this General Plan increase costs to community members? How will it affect residents?

The Make it Chino! General Plan does not impose taxes, fees, or costs on taxpayers, and it does not directly modify the Zoning and Land Development Code or the building codes. The primary effect will be access to and guidance through a more focused, consistent, and explicitly desired path into the future.

What are the next steps?

The general plan process will follow a timeline as shown here. Once the Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Council consider and approve the plan in May 2023, it will be offered for ratification by the voters. The public vote to adopt the plan will occur in November 2023.

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