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The IDPlaces app is a dynamic interactive mapping tool that gives you the opportunity to identify concerns in your community. It’s easy to provide your feedback by pinning an icon on the map and typing a comment that explains your concern. Click here to visit the IDPlaces tab.

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Community Open House #2

INTERACTIVE MAPPING EXERCISEs, Draft Policy ideas, vision statement

When: Monday, February 27, 2023

Where: Territorial Elementary School

Purpose: The General Plan Vision Statement and other informational boards were displayed near the entrance. A series of activity stations were set up around the room to engage community members and get input on draft policy ideas, future land use opportunities, and circulation concerns. Community members worked individually or in small groups to create their preferred future scenarios for circulation and land use planning for the Town. The scenario maps will be analyzed by the project team to further inform the development of the General Plan.

Scroll through the images to see the results of the activities.

Meeting Summary

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Community Open House #1

Introduction, Strengths and Challenges Validation, and Issues/Opportunities Mapping

When: Monday, November 21, 2022

Where: Territorial Elementary School

Purpose: The open house-style meeting was an opportunity to educate attendees on the general plan process. Participants were asked to validate or provide alternatives to information gathered earlier in the process, such as strengths and challenges and preliminary draft goals. A large format mapping exercise gave community members a chance to identify geographic assets and challenges and convey ideas for the town’s growth visually. Individual comments were submitted via comment cards or discussed with meeting facilitators. A community questionnaire was available in paper copy and is also available on the project website. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions, participate, and share their hopes and expectations for the process and the eventual outcome of Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan.

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